Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Random Ramblings

OK, so I havent blogged in a few days, no good reason or excuse, just havent been able to really find the words to sum up my feelings I guess....(i know only one person reads these so far, but blogging is more for me in a sense...thx tho my friend).......one month and one week left til bryon comes home...i cant even find words to say how much i miss him and wish this last month would fly by like the last 2 have. Bryon will be home and fall will be in the air, time for bonfires and bbq's!!!! So many things will change once he is home ( no worries Crystal, you WILL still see me! LOL) for the better. My stress level will go down and I will sleep better at night, Ill be able to take a week sabatical! hee hee Seriously, I am SOOO not housewife material, I hate not working! Ah....*sigh*.....this battle of time is almost over....Im not quite sure how I have managed to make it through this. Well, with help from my "fam"...luv u girl...!!! But the nights are the hardest, when Im laying in my bed talkin to him on the phone, knowing how very much we love each other and how close we are to being done with this...its just so hard, but it will all be worth it in 38 short days and 37 long nights....

And I also have this friend who I cant seem to stop worrying about..sometimes i do that, i worry about other people too much. Bryon says its part of who i am and that it makes me a better person, that i should not consider it a weakness. Her name is Lesli....and I have watched her get further and further down the hill, lost her kids, car is going, and she is still with the man who beat her for 2 years, and that is puttin it lightly...NO, he has not hit her yet again since he got out and it has been a good few months, but some of his behaviors are still very controlling of her and she admitted it freely to me as well. I know she has to make her own decisions, and I assured her that bryon and i both felt the same way, that if she needed somewhere to go to leave him, that our door was open, and i left it at that. you can see in her eyes that she wants to....but what if it were too late??? I KNOW that realisticly there is nothing i can do for her...u can lead the horse to water but u cant make it drink... I guess I have extended my hand to her yet again and the rest is up to her. she has to be ready. noone can make that choice for her. this is something i must accept...


  1. No one can make the decision for her and you have done everything a good friend is supposed to do. Short of kidnapping her, she has to leave on HER. OWN. You're a GOOD person, Lisa. I Love You!

  2. I love you too crystal!!! and i know she has to do it herself...doesnt make me worry any less tho, u know that:)