Monday, September 14, 2009

I made it....

Today started off with a river of tears..that I blame simply on Aunt Flo's abrupt interruption of my month, and early even!! LOL My best friend's husband had to talk me off of the ledge before the day really even got started...i hope u know im not completely serious about the whole ledge see, I have 45 days to go until Bryon comes home and every day closer seems to take just a little bit longer steadily poking and proding away at the very little patience that I actually have left:) And it is so hard not to let him see or hear me hurting because by no means do I want him to feel bad, and I know that he does...he made a stupid choice and is taking responsibility for that choice. For this I respect him, and I CHOOSE to stand by his side 200%.
Sometimes I feel like I am so strong all of the time that Im just not allowed to break down and cry, not necessarilly for reason of sadness, but more for a release of every day strains...(Crystal, my best friend and I are in agreeance that that is the reason God gave us Chick that we would have an excuse to cry!) So, as Craig reminded me of how worth this battle it will all be when Bryon comes home, I attempted to pull myself together and get through yet another day. Not so surprisingly, I made it! The day is reaching its end, my 2 beautiful children (7 and 4) are now tucked away (I hope I didnt say quietly) in their beds and mommy is getting ready to soak in the tub...and then comes what I must say is one of my favorite times of day (which will be even better when Bryon is back home to hold me)...BEDTIME! LOL Our children just dont have a clue how well they actually have it...I mean can you give me the name of even 1 adult who wouldnt like to have the bills paid for them, meals cooked for em, clothes washed, and to top it all off, be MADE to lay down and take a nap?! HA! I cant think of 1 either! LOL So, Im off to bubbly tub now...more to come soon:)


  1. I LOVE you! I'm glad we've got each other...and why my hubs? He'd be talking me INTO walking off! Love you!

  2. You've hooked me. What did Bryon do? Where is he? I'll be back!!