Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is screaming allowed???

Is it ok to SCREAM before 10am???? I wonder if the neighbors would care? lol I have no justifiable reason, nor am i about to be visited my my once a month sworn enemy, so I dont know what my problem

Truth is, I didnt sleep all that great last night, not much different than most nights lately...I am just so ready for bryon to be home already that my anxiety level is through the freakin roof!!! These last 3 weeks will be the death of me i swear!! Cant I just hibernate to save the world from my insanity???

I feel like I wake up and go through every day like some kind of a drone, waiting to be told its ok to fall apart (which he did tell me btw, lol) I mean, whats wrong with me??? there are people out there with no home, no food, getting raped and murdered and im a mess all cuz i need to really feel his arms, not with some officer standing over making sure we are a foot apart!!! I mean, life is good, the bills are paid (not always on time, but always paid), i have both of my beautiful babies and friends who love me, and most of the time im fine, but when i allow myself to get lost in my own head then downhill it is jack and jill? oh yea, they went up the hill to stare down at me rolling! lol

Just another day in paradise i will be over soon:)

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  1. There's No CRYING (or screaming) before NOON!!! I know that the next 3 weeks will be horrible for you. If you need to go crazy, call me? I wanna be there when you finally go over the edge! WHAT?!?! I know you're laughing! Just keepin' it real, my friend!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!